Photo by  David Kraus .

Photo by David Kraus.

Hello, I'm Michelle!. I'm originally from Northern Virginia and moved to Phoenix, Arizona in 2013. Coffee is a huge part of my life and a lot of the reason why I am who I am today. It's been five years since I began my journey in coffee in Washington, DC. Coffee has been a conduit to explore new places, meet some of the greatest people I've ever known, and learn a great deal about myself and my capabilities. In a lot of ways, coffee saved me. Every cup I serve to another or enjoy by myself is a reminder of that. 

In addition to managing The Chocolate Barista, I work part-time at Futuro Coffee and organize coffee events for the Phoenix community. I'm also a competitive barista and event speaker. Outside of coffee, I work as a freelance creative in marketing and PR. The coffee and creative industries are very similar and have a ton of overlap, so I plan on continuing to work in both!

It's normal to find me with a glass of wine or a martini in my hand while making coffee at home, dancing with my best friend, or trying to sleep in as late as possible. I love Drake, deep conversations about self-improvement and/or racial inequality, anything with noodles, spending time alone, traveling, swiping right, and wearing Ugg boots as slippers, no matter how nonsensical they are in the desert. Let's hang out!

Managing, researching, and writing for The Chocolate Barista requires a lot of time, resources, and emotional labor. If you've felt compelled and/or learned something from my work, and have deemed it applicable to your own company culture, consider donating so that I can keep it all going!

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